Staff Management

We offer comprehensive staff access level control, which allow you to restrict what information and functionality is available to different staff members.

Manage your staff with ease

OrderSystem allows each staff member to have their own unique login. This means that a vast number of people can use the system simultaneously. Once logged in, any changes made on the system will be registered to their name, allowing you to easily track at what time, on which day and by whom an order has been printed, packed or edited. The same applies to your listings – you will always know exactly when and by who a listing has been edited. Managing your workforce is simple.

Fast Synchronisation

The Multiuser system is also extremely fast. Updates made by one user are synchronised across all other users in a matter of seconds. This opens up a number of possibilities. For example, one user can process new products and add them onto OrderSystem whilst another user simulataneously sets the location of these new products. This division of Labour is made possible by OrderSystems almost instant synchronisation across each user account.