Your Order management page

OrderSystem promises simplicity and this is made apparent in your order management page. This is one place where you can see all of your orders, check the status (new, out-of-stock, in progress, shipped etc.) of any order within seconds. This will allow you to track where any order is at any given time, giving you all the vital information such as when the order was printed, when it was dispatched and by whom. Tracking orders has never been easier.

Detailed order histories

OrderSystem is able to save information about previous orders that customers have made, so you can see who your most loyal customers are, as well as identify new customers. And its not just orders that have a detailed history on OrderSystem. The application is also able to save Contact details for each of your customers, so that your customers are never out of reach.

All the vital information at your fingertips

The Main orders page provides all the important information about who the placed the order the channel used, the shipping method as well as other useful information. Importantly, OrderSystem also tells you how much profit you are making on each order, allowing you to easily distinguish which are your best lines. And the best bit? This information is all provided on one, easy to navigate order management page.

Cut out the time consuming tasks

No business likes to spend too long on small tasks such as cancelling, refunding and manually dispatching orders which cannot be dispatched using our innovative console. And now, you will no longer have to as OrderSystem can do all of these things on one easy to use page. A few clicks can cancel an order and refund the buyer, and OrderSystem will ensure your dispatchers will not be able to ship the order – a full proof order cancellation and refunding system.

Print Orders efficiently

OrderSystem allows you to easily choose a dispatch class and whether you require orders to be printed on stickers or labels. Our innovative "pick lists" mean that one cover sheet every 25 orders will tell your picking staff exactly where each item is in your warehouse, how many items to pick from each location and the remaining stock level. This means they will no longer have to pick items one at a time. What is more, bulk printing means they will never re-visit a location more than once a day, as all orders for a single item are collated and printed together:

Fulfillment by Amazon

OrderSystem is fully integrated with Amazon's FBA program. This means that you will be able to reap the benefits of FBA if needed, without having to spend money on software that will accomodate this feature. Some of the benefits of FBA include:

  • Eligible for Super Saver Delivery & Amazon Prime
  • Competitive Price Sorting
  • Trusted Customer Service and Returns
  • Fulfil orders on all of Amazon's European Marketplaces
  • Fulfil Orders from other Channels

Customer invoicing and communication

Fully customisable Barcoded invoices are avaliable. Whether customers ask for VAT invoices or seperately printed full invoices, OrderSystem will be able to accomodate all of their requests. What is more, we support the ability to send fully customisable emails to customers regarding updates on their order. This includes information such as when their order was received, printed and dispatched. Keeping your customers in the know throughout the buying process maintains customer trust and loyalty, driving sales upwards in the long run.