Never lose track of your stock

Our industry leading inventory management system will keep your stock levels in concert across all of your selling platforms. For example, sales on amazon will have stock impacts across all of your selling channels, such as eBay and, for example. Searching your inventory is easy, with advanced searches using a variety of parameters available. One detailed page provides all the information you'll ever need such as:

  • The cost price of the product
  • The shipping cost of the product
  • The quantity in stock
  • How much you have sold in the last 30 days, or even 10 days
  • The supplier of the product
  • Its SKU and ASIN numbers
  • As well as much, much more

Edit your listings with just a few clicks

Updating your listings takes just seconds, and what's more you'll only ever need to do it once, as OrderSystem automatically sends the updates to all of your selling platforms. Each product only ever needs to have one entry in your inventory, and in that entry is stored all the information you'll need, including which platforms the product is listed on. Our intelligent pricing calculator tells you exactly how much profit you will make at each price, after factoring in things like shipping costs and amazon/eBay seller costs at 15%/10% respectively. All you have to do is set a minimum and maximum price, and then leave it to our re-pricer.

Intelligent Repricing

As part of our premium and ultimate packages we offer Repricing free of additional charge. Our intelligent Repricer means all you need to do is set a minimum and maximum price, and OrderSystem will work around 60 parameters to update your prices for your listings across many sites such as Amazon (US, UK, DE, FR, CA, JP), Buy.COM and Price Grabber. Updates are every 1-4 hours, ensuring that you never fall behind.

.CSV File Uploads

We support the ability to upload your comma-separated values (CSV) file which stores tabular data about your inventory straight into OrderSystem. Alternatively, you can upload your .CSV files straight onto Amazon. This makes listing products far quicker and much easier. You can list your entire inventory within a very short space of time.

Know when to re-order

Up to date information about your stock means that you'll know exactly when you need to order more supplies. This will ensure a smooth and streamlined business operation, and running out of stock will be a thing of the past.

OrderSystem remembers everything

OrderSytem will record the entire history of a product, from when it was first listed to the current day. Information such as who was responsible for listing the product, the changing price of the product over time, as well as exactly which dates the product arrived into your warehouse is all noted. This information is all readily accessible through your Inventory Management page.

Stock Impact

Intelligent settings ensure that multiple listings for the same product can all have their own stock impact. This means, for example that you can sell products as a single pack, a double pack, or in whichever quantity you wish to. You will not oversell as a stock impact can be set for each listing. For example, if you sell a double pack, stock will be impacted by two, but if you sell a single pack, stock impact will be one. It's that easy.


QuickView is provided as standard in all of our packages. This useful tool allows you to quickly scan a products barcode, after which OrderSystem will automatically display all the information regarding that product, such as its Location, Name, Remaining Quantity and a picture of the product. This makes it easy to look up your products, without having to access any large data tabels. Simplicity at its best.