Stay on top of your business

Our Reports tab gives you all the important information you will need to maintain and improve seller performance. Reports such as which products are out of stock, which products need re-ordering and inventory age reports are available. What is more, fully customisable reports telling you which products haven't sold fast enough in the last month/few months are also avaliable. These reports easily enable you to assess which are your fastest moving lines, which are your most profitable lines, as well as your non – moving lines. Of course, all of this information will enable you to optimise your seller performance.

Track your growth

OrderSystem also provides visual representations, as well as written reports. This allows you to easily watch your business grow.

Customer Metrics

Our advanced reporting tools include Customer Metrics feedback. This module is able to generate reports such as:

  • How many products are listed on each of your channels
  • How many of your products are buy-box winners on Amazon
  • How much profit you are making per channel
  • How many obsolete products you have (haven't sold in 6 months)
  • How much profit is made per product, on each channel
  • How many products are ordered on average in each order
  • Customer Feedback ratings
  • And much much more