Simple, Efficient and Accurate

Our innovative dispatch console is designed to make the packing process quick and easy to use, whilst still maintaining an error rate of less than 0.01% during dispatch.

How it works

Each order is automatically assigned a Barcoded Invoice by OrderSystem. This Barcode is then entered into the dispatch console box via a barcode scanner. OrderSystem will then automatically list the Order Details.

More than one item in each order? Not a problem

The Packer then scans the barcode (EAN or UPC) on the product(s) in the order, after which OrderSystem will inform them that the order is ready to pack. Note in this case that scanning the barcode of one "Safe and Sound Black Eyeshade" is still marked as incompleted. This is because the order is for two Eyeshades. Only once the Packer has scanned the barcodes of two "Safe and Sound Black Eyeshades" will OrderSystem tell them that the order is ready to pack. What does all of this mean for your business? An extremely low error rate – it is simply impossible to make mistakes.

Characteristic Sounds

Each status report (Order Incomplete/Order Complete/Ready to Pack/Cancelled/Already Shipped) is accompanied by a characteristic sounds which mean your packers will know exactly when they make any mistakes.

Low Error Rate

OrderSystem will automatically display warnings at the point of dispatch if an order has already shipped or is cancelled, for example. This means that you will never suffer from wasted shipments. The unique system ensures an error rate of less than 0.01% (that's less than 10 errors in every 1000 orders shipped).