Order Management OrderSystem, provides up to date order information from your orders tab including vital information such as when the order was placed and by whom, which channel was used to place the order and even how much profit you are making on each individual order. »

Inventory Management One centralized system for adding, editing and removing products from your inventory as you see fit. Update your product details in a few simple clicks and OrderSystem will automatically update all of your multichannel listings. Never lose track of your stock with our intelligent and integrated software. »

Dispatch Console Perhaps the best feature of our system, the Dispatch Console enables your packers to achieve an error rate of less than 0.01%. Our innovative barcode system automatically logs the dispatch time and the dispatcher for each order in a matter of seconds which means that tracing orders has never been easier. »

Fully Functional Multi-Channel Support OrderSystem supports a wide range of selling platforms including eBay and Amazon, as well as your own website directly. Additional support can be provided for almost all platforms on request in a matter of days. »

Reports Obtain live reports of critical information such as order levels for each and every seller account that you manage over the past week and month. Watch your business grow over time with OrderSystem. »

Multi User Our fully integrated software allows vast numbers of users to use the system simultaneously. Changes by one user are automatically applied across the system in a matter of seconds. »

Fully Web-Based Best of all, OrderSystem is completely Web-Based. There are no downloads, no additional programs to run and no space eating installations required. What is more, OrderSystem works worldwide on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Fireworks, Google Chrome and Safari so Apple users are unaffected. It really is the complete solution. »

Round the Clock support and East Assisted Setup We pride ourselves on Customer Service and offer a round the clock 24/7 immediate assistance for any queries you may have. Setup is easy and immediate too, as our application is fully web-based. We provide assisted setup all the way through the process and best of all, you will be up and running within minutes. »